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Caipiriña, or caipirinha, is the most traditional and well-known cocktail in Brazil, is prepared with a mixture of lemons, sugar, crushed ice, and the inevitable Brazilian cachaza. Cachaça, or cachaza, is a brandy made from sugarcane, a bit similar to rum. Caipirinhas are one of those very simple and easy to prepare cocktails.

Easy recipe To prepare the traditional caipirinha. Caipiriña is prepared with lemons or limes, sugar, cachaça and ice

  • 1-2 lemons or limes, cut in half lengthwise and without the medulla or white central part, can be cut into quarters or left in halves if they are tiny lemons
  • 1-2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 ounces of cachaça
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice – optional and to taste
  • Crushed ice to taste
To service:
  • Lemon slices


The caipirinha can be prepared directly in a glass (medium, not very tall) or in a cocktail shaker, the lemon pieces are mixed with the sugar and a cocktail shaker is used to gently crush and extract the juice from the lemons.
Then add the cachaza and the lemon juice, stir everything well. If I prepare it in a shaker pour the drink, including crushed lemons, into a glass with crushed ice. If the cocktail was prepared directly in the glass, add crushed ice and stir slightly.
Serve immediately garnished with a slice of lemon.



2 parts of Dimarco Appetizer
3 parts white prosecco (sparkling Italian) or cava
1 soda or siphon
Half slice of orange
Small ice

The glass of ice is filled and then the rest of the ingredients are added and stirred.

Big wine glass You can decorate to taste with peppermint leaves and drink with straw.

Cocktail B52


  • Coffee Cream Liquor
  • Triple Dry Orange Liquor
  • Whisky Cream


  • Shot glasses
  • A spoon
  • Measuring glass

New Ronmiel Reythor

We present the new label of our Ronmiel.
This is a new restyling for one of our star products: RONMIEL REYTHOR. Better presentation with the quality and the usual formula.
Ronmiel Reythor is soft and sweet, with a thick texture, although very pleasant to taste. Its color ranges from gold to intense mahogany, clean and bright. It is a genuine product made from spanish rum and flower honey.
The best way to take it is without mixing, very cold, even with ice. It combines perfectly with a touch of lime or lemon.
Enjoy this sweet liquor in the best company and let yourself be taken to the most idyllic Canarian beaches with turquoise waters and fine sand. A pleasure available to everyone.
The product is presented in cases of 6 bottles, with the novelty of the type of closure that becomes metallic cap but non-refillable valve.

Amaretto Venice; new label.

We present the AMARETTO VENICE 18% 70 CL new image. A modern label that maintains its unmistakable sweet almond flavor, with a little bitter touch on the palate.
Why give up our Amaretto this summer? We renew your image, but retain all the flavor of Italy in each bottle. Add it very cold in a glass with ice or combine it in countless cocktails. Dare to include it in your favorite desserts and cakes and let yourself be surprised!
AMARETTO VENICE 18% 70 cl is presented in boxes of 6 units.

We present the new italian Grappa Sammarco


We present the new Grappa Sammarco.
Our Grappa Sammarco lands from the north of Italy! Elegance and Italian tradition in the same bottle.
Obtained from the continuous distillation in copper still from the best wine pomace by Italian masters. Crystal-colored, fruity aroma and mild flavor.
Discover our passion for Italy!
The product is presented in 70cl bottles with a cork stopper and wooden head, in boxes of 6 bottles.

New image scale Syrups without alcohol “Reythor“

Alcohol-free syrups Reythor renew their image. The flavour of always now in a new more modern packaging and with new and improved labelling.

Reythor is the mark of liquors in which the professionals of the hotel trade trust, and which brings Liquors and Derivatives over to you for years. A Spanish mark of long tradition that continues innovating and advancing, now with a new packaging and new labelling for its syrups without alcohol.

The syrups without alcohol Reythor are chosen by hundreds of cocktail shakers and bartenders to contribute to their cocktails the authentic taste of kiwi fruit, grenadine, passion fruit or lime, between others. They are also perfect for the non-alcohol cocktails, milkshakes and tropical juices. Its intense character makes it an ideal drink to combine, bringing to the final recipe a fruit character very marked and differentiating. Enjoy the versatility of the syrups without alcohol with the guarantee of a long-lasting product even after being opened.

The new packaging and labelling of alcohol-free syrups by Reythor makes them more ergonomic and comfortable for the professional, with an easy opening cap, grip area and non-slip texture. Its attractive design and striking colours with the brand of the house, to show off in the showcase of any bar, restaurant, cocktail bar, cocktail bar, cafeteria or nightclub. Another novelty is the labelling, with all the information on ingredients, nutritional values and allergens, now in a clearer way and attractive.

L&D acquired a new machine

Licores y Derivados continue to improve our production processes with the latest technology, now with the new Kuka palletizer robot. We have recently added a new palletizing robot from Atlas Robots to our lines, which handles the finished boxes and form pallets with them. This robot is capable of working with boxes of different sizes and weights, which come from different lines. This characteristic makes it a versatile machine, as it allows automatic palletizing quickly and efficiently. The new palletizing robot is of the internationally recognized Kuka brand and is a great improvement for our plant that will have a significant saving in time but especially in the safety and well-being of our staff. The technology is here to make life easier for everyone and this new robot will avoid injuries that can happen with boxes even though all possible prevention measures are taken. In Liquors and Derivatives we never stop improving in our departments if we want To remain competitive and offer our customers the best products, at a good price and on time.

Nueva crema de natillas de la gama “Sabiduría”

Llega la crema de natillas Sabiduría, el último licor en crema de la gama Sabiduría inspirado en el tradicional postre.

Las cremas de licor no paran de ganar terreno, y si hace unos meses os anunciábamos la llegada a Licores y Derivados, de la nueva crema de arroz con leche, ahora es otro postre el que se convierte en licor para hacer las delicias de cualquier sobremesa, se trata de la nueva crema de natillas Sabiduría.

Reythor sigue innovando y convierte el clásico postre de nuestra infancia en una crema licor irresistible. La crema de natillas ofrece el aroma y el sabor de la auténtica vainilla con la que está elaborada, además de la untuosidad la leche y el dulzor del azúcar. Sin duda un licor apreciado por todo tipo de paladares, con una baja graduación alcohólica.

La crema de natillas Sabiduría es ideal para chupitos o copas, bien fría o acompañada de un par de piedras de hielo. Pero también es estupenda para acompañar cafés en carajillos y otro tipo de combinados, así como en postres o tartas.

La gama de licores y cremas Sabiduría sigue creciendo, pues junto a los clásicos conocidos por todos como los orujos, también encontramos cremas inspiradas en postres como la crema de arroz con leche o esta nueva crema de natillas. Este nuevo producto puede encontrarse en formato de 70cl y en cajas de 6 botellas.

Presentamos el nuevo licor de Té

Licores y Derivados presenta el nuevo Licor de Té Sabiduría. Un licor digestivo de inspiración asiática ideal para una agradable sobremesa.

La gama de licores y cremas que te ofrece Licores y Derivados sigue completándose de la mano de “Sabiduría”. Desde los tradicionales licores y cremas de orujo hasta la innovadora Crema de Arroz con Leche o la deliciosa Crema de Natillas. Y ahora llega también el Licor de Té, un licor de baja graduación, un 17%, con extractos de té y aromas cítricos para amantes de los sabores intensos que nos hacen viajar a otros puntos del planeta.

Sabiduría es la marca de orujos, cremas y licores de confianza, que te ofrece productos innovadores y orientados a satisfacer las necesidades de un público creciente, aquel que quiere disfrutar de los licores, saboreándolos en buena compañía.

El licor de Té es ideal como colofón de una buena comida o cena. Su aroma refrescante y sabor intenso acompaña las conversaciones de una sobremesa que nunca termina. Un licor de carácter fresco, ideal para servir bien frío, en una copa con hielo o como parte de un innovador cóctel. Para su presentación, se aconseja un vaso ancho con hielo, en el que se pueda agitar el licor para disfrutar de su embriagador aroma.

El Licor de Té Sabiduría de Reythor ya está disponible en el catálogo de Licores y Derivados en botellas de 70 cl y cajas de 6 botellas.