Your loyalty keeps us motivated


Why choose us?

With experience in the sector spanning more than 3 decades, and thousands of satisfied customers, our products have become a benchmark in over 15 countries


Emotion that leads to success

Our product is tied to emotions and feelings. Our spirits and liqueurs are enjoyed amidst passion, celebrations and budding friendships. Products like these can only be made with passion



The dedication of a family

Licores y Derivados is a family-run business that, despite having grown since its earlier days, continues to demonstrate the same personal dedication of its founders to making top-quality products whilst being mindful of the customers who will enjoy them



Product, method and quality

Classic and modern recipes with one thing in common: tradition. It doesn’t matter about the type of spirit or liqueur we want to produce; the quality raw material and traditional distilling and production methods are essential for achieving the top quality we strive for

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The secret ingredient of our recipe

We wouldn’t be here without our customers, which is why we apply the most demanding safety criteria and provide on-going training to all our staff to not only ensure we produce an excellent product, but also a fantastic service