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L&D acquired a new machine

Licores y Derivados continue to improve our production processes with the latest technology, now with the new Kuka palletizer robot. We have recently added a new palletizing robot from Atlas Robots to our lines, which handles the finished boxes and form pallets with them. This robot is capable of working with boxes of different sizes and weights, which come from different lines. This characteristic makes it a versatile machine, as it allows automatic palletizing quickly and efficiently. The new palletizing robot is of the internationally recognized Kuka brand and is a great improvement for our plant that will have a significant saving in time but especially in the safety and well-being of our staff. The technology is here to make life easier for everyone and this new robot will avoid injuries that can happen with boxes even though all possible prevention measures are taken. In Liquors and Derivatives we never stop improving in our departments if we want To remain competitive and offer our customers the best products, at a good price and on time.

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