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New Ronmiel Reythor

We present the new label of our Ronmiel.
This is a new restyling for one of our star products: RONMIEL REYTHOR. Better presentation with the quality and the usual formula.
Ronmiel Reythor is soft and sweet, with a thick texture, although very pleasant to taste. Its color ranges from gold to intense mahogany, clean and bright. It is a genuine product made from spanish rum and flower honey.
The best way to take it is without mixing, very cold, even with ice. It combines perfectly with a touch of lime or lemon.
Enjoy this sweet liquor in the best company and let yourself be taken to the most idyllic Canarian beaches with turquoise waters and fine sand. A pleasure available to everyone.
The product is presented in cases of 6 bottles, with the novelty of the type of closure that becomes metallic cap but non-refillable valve.

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